About Us

Pmmodischemes is a portal based in Delhi, India where some of the most crucial topics, which impact our life are covered which are, Education, Finance and welfare schemes provided by the government. We as a portal completely understand the responsibility of providing content full of facts and sourced from credible sources. As these are some of the topics which can directly impact the life of our readers, the Author ” Shubham ” writes all the content with understanding that responsibility and tries to provide the most credible, factual and genuine content in the easiest possible way for the reader.

The aim behind Pmmodischemes

Our first and most important goal is to spread awareness about things which are not common or which are not known by the majority of people but those things are important for their lifestyle. We have specific goals with the niches we cover as well for example in the finance section of our portal we provide knowledge related to the educational part, employment part, and practical part, as well as the author, is pursuing his masters in Commerce from the school of open learning Delhi university, so finance and management is a strong point.

What makes the author credible?

Hi, this is Shubham & i am responsible for the content you read on this portal, as you had this query of the credibility of the author then what’s better than the author answering this question. As mentioned above I am pursuing my master’s fin commerce only and I have done my bachelor’s in commerce from Delhi university only through which I have gathered enough knowledge and experience to talk about the management and finance sector and overall education. I can assure every single reader that all the information you get from this portal is based on facts, surveys, researches, and my personal experiences and knowledge which makes it credible enough for the reader. The last section we have on the portal is govt. schemes which are purely based on facts and data which come from the official portal of the government. I as an author tries to simplify that data in the easiest readable way possible for the people looking for such information on the web.

If you want to get in touch with the author or the team you can connect through the social media handles given or you can connect with us through the contact us page of the portal.

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