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ASEEM portal

What is ASEEM Portal?

ASEEM or Aatmanirbhar Skilled Employee Employer Mapping portal is launched by the MSDE ( Ministry of Skill Development and entrepreneurship ). This portal is Started with the aim of providing help to the skilled people in finding sustainable livelihood opportunities. As we all know due to this pandemic there was huge loss of jobs the nation has faced and to tackle that the government has launched this portal. This portal is built on AI ( artificial intelligence ) based platform and people can access it from an application or directly through the web.

In simple words, it is a platform where skilled people can connect through employers which makes it easy to get employment for example if you have registered on the portal and you have the skill to drive two-wheeler vehicle, so you will be able to see all the job opportunities available related to that skillset and then you can simply apply for any job from there only. So this portal has basically 4 sections which are given below.

4 sections of ASEEM Portal

  • For Employers
  • For Candidates
  • Training Partners
  • For Swades

Employer portal

If you are a Factory owner, MSME or small business owner then you can register on the ASEEM as an employer and you can get the required skilled candidates which makes the hiring process easy for you.


This section is for the skilled people or candidates who are looking for opportunities, here they can register and look for employment opportunities according to their skillset.

Training Partners

Here you will be able to check the trends and reports etc and according to the data, you can take decisions like you can track which skills are in demand and you can get trained accordingly.

Opportunities for Migrants

Through this portal, the government is also getting the data of the population who migrated from major cities to tier 3 cities due to the pandemic situation. The government is trying to connect that migrant population who has a skillset with the employers so that the nation can tackle with the unemployment caused by the lockdown situation.

How to register on the ASEEM portal?

All the registration process for candidate, employer and training partners are given below. All you need to do is simply follow the step by step process given below to register on the ASEEM portal.

Registration process for employers

  • Visit the employer registeration page of the official ASEEM portal from the button given below.
  • The form page will open where you need to provide some details like Legal Entity Name and other details as shown in the image below.
ASEEM portal employer registration
  • After filling in all the details carefully, just go through the terms & conditions and check on it, after that finally click on the register button.

Registration process for Candidates

  • To register as a candidate you willbe required to install the ASEEM app from the playstore. you can download it from the button given below.
  • After installing the application, candidates can fill in the form by providing their details like their skills, personal details, demographics etc. and after providing the details just click on the registration option to register as a candidate.
  • With the app, you will keep getting time to time updates on employment opportunities.

Benefits and Objectives of the portal

This portal has some benfits for both the people looking for employement opportunities, the employers and the government as well. The government is gathering data of the migrant population through this portal and also they are collecting the data related to the skillset available and demand of skills and demographics. This data will help to make further policies to make the employers and employees meet.

  • Not just the government, even the employers can also use this data in policymaking for their businesses. Business owners can track which particular skillset is available in which region.
  • The main objective is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of the skill to boost up employment in the nation.
  • This initiative also adds on to the previous scheme by the government which is Digital India.

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