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Registered CUB online banking users can log in with their User ID and PIN by following the button given below. It will redirect you to the official net banking login page of the City Union Bank.

Users who don’t have active net banking services in their city union bank account can follow the process given below to activate it easily.

CUB net banking activation process

Banks usually activate net banking services at the time of account opening. If for whatever reasons your CUB online banking services are not active then you need to visit your bank branch to activate it. There’s no available option to activate it online so users can download the net banking form from the link given below and submit it to the branch. Users can also get in touch with your personal banker on call and do the activation process.

  • Download the net banking form from the button below.
  • Take a print of it.
  • Fill the form, and submit it to your branch. After submission, it will be activated within 24 to 48 working hours.
  • Once it is activated you will receive the login credentials ( your User ID and PIN ) from the bank. Make sure to keep those important credentials safe with you.
Net banking services ChargesNIL
Eligbilityall account holders are eligible
Is it possible to manage multiple accounts through one customer-id?Yes, all accounts must be linked to the same ID

CUB Corporate & CUB Personal banking

Corporate and personal are the two net banking options offered by the City Union Bank. If you are not sure which one to apply for then go through the basic difference is given below. City Union Bank is also integrated with government schemes like PFMS, etc.

CUB Corporate Net BankingCUB Personal Net banking
This is basically for users like firms, company owners trusts, societies, etc, and is offered for professional purposes.this is offered to normal users with no professional purposes and only individuals can operate this.

Corporate net banking

As corporate net banking involves multiple users of a single account, it includes roles like Manager, Clerk & Auditor, etc. Corporate net banking has a set initiating Amount, it is an amount up to which a user can transact without any need of approval from the other users. Corporate accounts can even have more than one administrator who holds the authority to manage all the transaction limits and users of the CUB corporate net banking.

Security tips From City Union Bank for Online Banking Users

  • No executive from the bank will contact the users to get their net banking credentials or card details for verification. Users might receive such emails, calls, or messages but the bank recommends users to report such activities to the bank and never share personal details with anyone.

Before putting in your card or net banking details on any online shopping site or the official portal do check the legitimacy of the site. If you are not sure about how to check it then go through the easy tips given below.

  • The official portal of City Union Bank is &
  • If you see similar sites or URLs other than the URLs given above then don’t enter your personal banking details.

For any queries related to the authenticity of the portal or any other emails or calls from the bank executives, users can send an email to the address given here.( )

Services Provided by City Union Bank to net banking users

City Union Bank offrs a variety of services through their internet banking. Category wise list of services is given below ( source of the information is FAQ page of the City Union Bank online Portal.

BasicMini Statements, Account Summary, Cheque book requests, funds transfer services ( within CUB and to other banks )
Mobile bankingMPIN services, Recharges, bill payments & other online shopping payments
Taxation servicesAP VAT E-Receipt, TN VAT E-Receipt, Direct Taxes Payment, PAN/TAX Registration, Direct Tax Payments, Tax credit statement

Why is internet banking a must in 2020 and beyond?

Almost 70 to 80% of the banking activities can now be performed with just a click on your phone from anywhere in the world. Probably in the future, 70 to 80% will rise to 90 to 95%. The expected number of net banking users in India by 2020 was around 150 Million. Banks are working on making things easy and convenient for the users hence the user base can go up only.

Frequently asked questions

How to check CUB account balance online?

Give a miss call on 9278177444 from the registered mobile number, If your number is not registered with your account then login to your online banking account and check from there.

How to reset CUB online banking PIN?

To reset your net banking PIN visit the official CUB net banking login page and fill in your User ID and click on continue, now it will ask for the pin and you need to click on the forgot pin option. Fill in your user id, your registered email address, and mobile number and you will receive an OTP for verification after which you can set up your new PIN.

Eligibility for CUB net banking services

If you have a Savings, current or ODCC (Overdraft cash credit ) account in City Union Bank then you are eligible for their net banking services..

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