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JNANABHUMI is an initiative of the Andhra Pradesh Govt which aims to provide more and more educational opportunities for all. The Jnanabhumi platform is a completely paperless and digital platform where aspiring students of Andhra Pradesh can apply for Post metric scholarship schemes offered by the Govt. ₹ 5000 crores worth of Scholarship opportunities are provided to almost 17 lakhs students in the state every year according to the data from the official Jananabhumi portal “jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in”. It is a complete paperless platform where scholarship schemes worth ₹ 5000 crores plus ₹ 1500 crores are provided to SC, ST, Minorities, EBC, EBC, Kapu, and Differently-Abled communities. The JNANABHUMI portal made helped people and the government at the same time by making it a one-stop portal for scholarship opportunities for students and it made the process transparent.

JnanaBhumi  Scholarships

JNANABHUMI Scholarship Scheme List

Scholarshio schemes
post-matric scholarship
pre-matric scholarship
corporate admissions
best available schools
YSR vidyonnathi
Ambedkar overseas vidya Nidhi
Skill up-gradation scheme


In the Post matric scholarship schemes, the governmet has two ways to provide the financial aid which are RTF and MTF

RTFReimbursement of. Tuition Fee, this includes the reimbursement of the full amount of tuition fee paid
MTFMaintenance Fees, this includes a financial aid of Rs. 10,000 to IT students, Rs. 15,000 to polytechnic students and Rs. 20,000 for other degree students for mess or maintenance charges.

JNANABHUMI PMS ( Post Matric Scholarship ) application process

  • Visit the official JNANABHUMI portal by following this link.
  • On the homepage select the post-matric scholarship scheme option as shown in the image below.
Jnanabhumi Post matric scholarship scheme
  • Now select the how to apply option and download the application form as shown in the image below.
Jnanabhumi scholarship application process
  • Fill in all the details in the form properly and submit a copy of it to the college principal. The college will verify the form and further submit it through the Jnanabhumi portal.
  • Now the applicant needs to visit the nearest MEESEVA center and provide his/her application id and Adhaar number to access their application. Verify all the details and make changes if needed and provide the biometric authentication for registration completion.

Renewal application

For renewal application students need to submit the renewal application form along with his/her previous year’s admit card to their college principal. The college will further verify it first and then forward it  After successful verification the students will receive a text message informing them about the completion. Biometric authentication is required for renewal applications as well.

Eligibility Criiteria

Before applying for the PMS make sure to go through the eligibility criteria given below and check if your are eligibile for it or not.

Students pursuing Polytechnic, IT or other higher degree courses from colleges associated with state board are eligbile for the PMS.
75% attendance is a must to be eligible for the scholarship scheme.
Private university students or distance learning students are not eligible for the scholarship scheme.
The annual income of the family must be up to 2.5 lakhs.
The family should not be owning land more than 25 acres ( dry land ), 10 acres ( wetland ), or 25 acres for both mixed.
No family member should be a government employee or. a pensioner.
Ownership of a plot of more than 15 square feet makes you ineligible for the scholarship scheme.

List of required documents 

Ration Card, Aadhaar card & Passport size photos
Income Certificate 
Bank Account details
Mobile Number & Email ID
Meeseva ID

Pre Matric scholarship scheme application process

Pre Matric scholarship schemes are also offered under the Jnanabhumi portal to provide basic educational security to the children who are in 5th  to 10th grades. Financial aid is provided to their families so that they don’t stop their child’s basic education due to lack of funds. The students get direct admissions into the school operated by the govt. To apply for the pre-matric scholarship scheme students are required to download the application form from the official Jnanabhumi portal.

  • Fill the form with all the required details or you can take help from the principal of the respective school in applying for the pre-matric scholarship scheme.
  • The student’s application will then be reviewed and confirmed by the concerned hostel welfare officer(HWO) and he will forward it. After the verification and confirmation from the welfare officer, the welfare officer of the district will sanction the scholarship scheme.

Renewal Application

  • The renewal of the application for pre-matric schemes will be the same as the procedure for applying, the student will have to login to his jnanabhumi portal account and fill an application for renewal. He/she can do it with the help of their college principal or by themselves.
  • Then the student can modify his/her details and submit the application which then will be reviewed by the Hostel welfare officer and the District welfare officer will be responsible to sanction the same.

Eligibility Criiteria for Pre Matric Scholarship Schemes

If you fulfil the criteria given below then you are eligible to apply for the Pre Matric scholarship schemes on the JNANABHUMI portal.

  • Students belonging to SC/ST/BC and other minorities with a yearly family income of Rs. 2 lakh and below.
  • Students under the other backward classes can only apply if they are in the 9th or 10th grades. 

corporate admissions

All the SC, ST, EBC, Muniority & differently abled students in the state gets an opportunity to get admission in the top private junior colleges with accomodation in the state. Corporate admissions schemes is covered under the jnanabhumi portal in an automated system.

Eligibility & Application process

All the aspiring SC, ST, EBC, Minority & differently-abled students of the state who completed their tenth class from a government school in the first attempt are eligible to apply for it. Follow the application process given below.

  • Visit the official portal of Jnanabhumi through the link given above.
  • On the homepage, select the corporate admissions scheme and click on the apply now button as shown in the image below.
corporate admissions scheme application
  • The form page will open where the applicants need to fill in all the required details and upload the required documents then click on the submit button.

Best available schools scheme

This scheme was managed manually till the last admission year, now it is automated under the Jnanabhumi portal. It involves around 30,000 annual applications and financial aid is provided to the SC,ST children for their tuition fees for the best available schools at the distric and sub distric level.

Application process

  • From the homepage of the Jnanabhumi portal select the best available school scheme and click on the apply button as shown above.
  • Enter the Adhaar number and the mobile number for OTP verification.
  • After the successful OTP verification, you will be redirected to the form page.
  • Fill the form carefully with all the required details and upload the needed documents then click on the submit button.
  • After successful form submission, you will receive the application number on the registered mobile number.

YSR vidyonnathi scheme

This scheme was also used to be managed offline or manually then it was automated under the Jnanabhumi because of the issues like delays, combersome paper submissions, lack of transparency. Almost 65,000 applications are received annually and the scheme provide financial aid to SC, ST, BC students for all india civil services and state group services.

Application process

  • From the Jnanabhumi portal homepage, select the YSR vidyinnathi scheme and under it select the application option.
  • Candidates will be required to fill in some details to check if they are eligible for the scheme or not.
  • If you pass the eligibility criteria then you need to appear for the online exam held by the department.
  • Selected students will receive the confirmation through SMS and a link that will redirect to a further form page where you are required to enter some personal details and institute preferences.

Ambedkar overseas vidya Nidhi scheme

Under this scheme financial assistance of 10 to 15 lakh INR is provided to SC/ST/BC/EBC/Kapu/Brahmin/Minority students for higher studies in international universities. To be eligible for the scheme the family income of the applicant must not exceed INR 6 lakh per annum.

Application process

  • The applicant must have a valid visa and passport to apply for the scheme.
  • Candidates need to visit the www.jnanabhumi.ap.gov.in portal for the application of the scheme.

Skill up-gradation scheme

Skill up-gradation scheme was launched to provide financial assistance to SSC students for GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, & GMAT coaching. SC graduate or final year students with a family income of 2 lakh per annum are eligible for this scheme.

JNANABHUMI Scholarship Status checking process

  • Visit the official portal of JNANABHUMI from here and click on the login button from the top right corner
  • Fill in your login credentials and click on the sign-in button.
  • Your account dashboard will open where you need to select the Application Status option to see your scholarship application status.


  • A lot of scholarship schemes were automated through the jnana bhumi portal because of the issues faced in the manual or offline process which were low transparency, delays ad inefficiency, etc. Automation through the portal solved all these issues and helped both the students and the government.
  • Financial management is done timely and every data is easily trackable with the help of Jnanabhumi.
  • As it is a fully paperless platform, it makes it easy for the students to register and apply for the desired scholarship schemes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to check your scholarship status on the Jnanabhumi Portal?

To check your scholarship application status, you need to visit the official portal and sign in to your account. After signing in your dashboard will open where you need to select the ” scholarship application status ” option.

What are RTF and MTF?

RTF is Reimbursement of. Tuition Fee, this includes the reimbursement of the full amount of tuition fee paid & MTF is Maintenance Fees, this includes financial aid for mess or maintenance charges.

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