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Mahajobs Portal is an initiative by the government of Maharashtra towards tackling the problem of rising unemployment. Uneployment is all time high in India and both central & state governments are takings measures to tackle with the problem. Maharashtra came up with the Mahajob Portal which aims to provide employment opportunities. Department of Labor and Skill Development-Entrepreneurship and the department of Industries, of the state came together for the Mahajobs initiative. Due to the pandemic the economical conditions went down globally and Maharashtra also got a big hit economically due to which the government decided to take some measures to get the economical conditions back on the track.

Mahajobs portal of Maharashtra

The Mahajobs portal or the app act as a platform that bridges the gap between the entrepreneurs and the skilled employable people in the state. Mr. Uddhav Thackeray, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra announced the Mahajob portal in the month of July 2020 which does not guarantee you any employment rather it provides opportunities for employment on the portal which will eventually make it easy for job seekers to get employed. After the launch, the portal initially got a good response as around 13,000 plus job seekers and 140 plus employers or Entrepreneurs registered on the portal. There are opportunities for skilled, semi-skilled, and unskilled people as well.

The job card list of the MGNREGA Scheme is updated on the portal, to check your name in the list make sure to go through the NREGA guide covered on the portal.

Mahajobs Portal Registration Process

Entrepreneurs & Job seekers can register on the Mahajobs portal to create and avail employment opportunities in Maharashtra. Registration process for entrepreneurs & job seekers are mentioned below, by following the step by step process given below successful registration can be done on the Mahajobs portal.

The registration process for Job Seekers

  • Step.1 – For those who are looking for job opportunities in the state, visit the Mahajobs portal by following this link or using this URL “”
  • Step.2 – On the homepage of the official portal click on the Jobseeker registration option as shown in the image below.
Job seeker registration on the Mahajobs portal
  • Step.3 – The form page will open where the applicants are required to fill in the following details:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Mobile Number
    • Provide information of your Maharashtra State Residence Certificate or the Domicile certificate
  • After filling the details setup the password and verify your mobile number and email through the One time password sent on them. For reference users can check the image given below
Job seeker registration form Mahajobs portal
  • Step.4 – After completing the above steps, click on the register submit button to complete your registration process.
  • Final Step – The last step is to login on the Mahajobs portal through the username and password you just set and from your dashboard fill in all the details about your academics, applicant’s details like family details, residential details, etc. information about skills, experience and various other information which will help you to land a employment opportunity.

The Registration process for Employers

  • Step.1 – Visit the homepage of the official Mahajob portal and on the homepage click on the employer registration option as shown in the image below.
Employer registration on the Mahajobs portal.
  • Step.2 – The form page of employer registration will open where the employers are required to fill in the following details:
    • Company name
    • Contact person name
    • Company sector ( There are a total of 17 sectors available on the portal and the list of the sectors is given below )
    • Email id of the office
    • Mobile and landline number
  • After filling in these details the employers will have to verify their mobile number and official email id through the One Time Password sent to them. Now set the password for signing into the Mahajobs portal. For reference, users can check the image given below.
Employer registration form on the mahajobs portal

Final Step. – To finish the registration process click on the submit button and then login to your account on the Mahajobs portal, from your dashboard fill in the details about your company and the type of employment opportunity you are going to generate and similar other details.

List of Must have documents

Domicile certificate
Residential certificate
Educational certificate ( if any )
Identity proof and address proof
Certification or diploma of skills

List of sectors on the Mahajobs Portal of Maharashtra

Both employers and job seekers can avail and create emplyment opportunities in the list of sectors given below.

Food Processing
Instrumentation, Automation, Surveillance and Communication
Aerospace and Aviation
Capital Goods
Electronic and Hardware
Life Science
Paint and Coatings
Iron and Steel
Textiles and handlooms
Strategic Manufacturing

Maharashtra’s Mahajobs Portal Login Process

After following the registration process given above, you will become a registered job seeker or a registered employer on the Mahajobs portal. Now you can follow the login process given below for both job seekers and employers to login on the portal and provide and avail job opportunities.

Job seekers login process

  • To log in as a job seeker on the Mahajobs portal of Maharashtra follow this link to visit the official portal and then click on the jobseeker login button given at the top of the homepage as shown in the image given below.
Mahajobs portal login process
  • The login popup will appear on the screen where the user is required to fill in the email id or mobile number provided at the time of registration and fill in the password & captcha then click on the Login button to easily access the dashboard of the job seekers account.

Employer login process

By following the similar process given above, employers can also sign in to their accounts on the Mahajobs portal. All they have to do is select the employer login option from the homepage of the official portal and then the login popup will appear where they are required to fill in email id or the registered mobile number and the password then click on the login button.

There is an option for departmental login as well on the homepage ( as shown in the image above ). By clicking on the department login button and following the similar login process given above departmental login can be done.

Mahajobs Android application

Both employers and job seekers can manage their activities and account on the Mahajobs portal through the Mahajobs application. To download the Mahajobs application visit the homepage of the official portal and scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will find the button to download the mahajobs application through google play store. Users can also follow the link given below to directly download the mobile application

Mahajobs mobile application download

Contact / help

Emailmahajob [dot] support [at] mahait [dot] org

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