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PNB Knowledge centre portal is specifically designed and launched for the Punjab National bank’s employees. This is a full guide to the PNB knowledge centre where you will get to know about all the important and latest details of PNB employees.

PNB knowledge centre Updates & Full Guidde

This portal was created by the Punjab National Bank in 2006 specifically for the employees of the bank. On this portal, employees get to access all the information and updates related to them. Information like employee attendance, promotions, examinations, performance reports, important circulars, and payroll details. There are multiple other services and information which employees of Punjab National Bank can get fro the pnb Knowledge centre portal one example of which is the leave application which can be submitted through the portal, overall it is made for the convenience of the employees of the bank.

According to a Wikipedia report, from 2020, PNB has almost 1,03,000 employees in total which is a very big number. For such huge base of employees bank came up with this portal for their convinence.

PNB Knowledge centre login process

To login to your PNB knowledge centre account, just follow the step by step process given below.

  • Visit the official PNB knowledge centre portal by following this link or visiting this URL “”
  • On the homepage only you will find the login tab as shown in the image below.
PNB Knowledge centre
  • Fill in your username and password in the login box and fill the human verification tab as well then click on the login button.
  • Now your provided information will be validated by the portal and after validation, your knowledge center account will open up.

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How to get the Knowledge centre ID and Password?

  • The employee user id and password is provided to all the employees at the time of joining the bank but if anyhow you didn’t receive your login id and password for the PNB knowledge center portal then you can go ahead and ask for it from the branch head or your employer.
  • Employees can also access their knowledge center accounts from the official application as well which is available for both android and IOS platforms. To log in through the app, all you need to do is to download the app and the interface is pretty simple, the login page will open where you can log in by following the process given above.

More information about Punjab National Bank

Some of the interesting facts about PNB which would be good to know for both the employees and nonemployees are mentioned below.

180 million! you must be wondering what this number is, then let me tell you this is the number of customers PNB has according to. Wikipedia 2020 report.
10,910 is the number of branches which the bank has pan India and the bank also has 13,000+ ATMs. The number has grown because of the merge.
Some international branches are located in UK, Hong Kong, Dubai, and some other nations as well.
US $1.77 billion is the amount of fraudulent transactions which the bank faced in 2018

frequently asked question

How to reset the PNB Knowledge centre password?

Visit the official portal by following the url ” ” then on the homepage look for the login tab, with the login button you will find the forgot password button, click on it. Now a pop up will appear where you need to enter your username and an OTP will be generated to your registered mobile number. Fill in that otp and you will be able to reset your password after verification through OTP.

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