Can we pursue two degrees alongside in the Indian education system?

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This is a common doubt that many student have about the Indian education system and they wonder if it is possible to take up 2 degrees simultaneously, or is it even legal to do so? And some other questions like 

  1. does pursuing dual degrees increase the value?
  2. How does pursuing dual degrees impact job opportunities or salary packages?

So we are here to talk about each and every issue related to dual degree. Make sure to read till the end to know all about it. Let us begin with the most asked question – 

Is it even possible to pursue 2 degrees alongside?

And the answer is an absolute YES! Yes you can pursue two degrees simultaneously in the education system in India but there are certain conditions which are necessary which are mentioned below- 

  1. 2 degrees cannot be done from regular and the same colleges. 
  2. One of the degrees is to be done from a regular college and the other is to be done from an open course or a distance education university or institute. 
  3. There are a very limited number of universities that provide you with a distant learning extension also, where you can pursue one of the degrees through distance learning and the other from a regular course at the same university. 

Value and job opportunities

job opportunities

Talking about the job opportunities, salary packages and value – it depends on multiple factors if you’re pursuing a dual degree. Pursuing any 2 degrees does not increase the value of your qualifications or it doesn’t necessarily provide you with better salaries and job opportunities. Yes it does prove to be a prominent show up and in order to add value and other benefits it needs to be done right. Read the factors below which might prove useful- 

First factor being the university or institute from which you have taken up your course, on part of the Indian education system this is a pointless factor, but it does exist. Students pursuing degrees from reputed colleges in India tend to get more educational recognition and value, importance, job opportunities and of course salaries as compared to those who pursue it from slightly lesser known colleges.  But this is just a basic factor which affects your initial stages of stepping into the real world. 

How is the initial stage mentioned above important? 

The students who pursue their degrees from reputed colleges do get better opportunities initially when they step in the outside world but your growth is based on your performance. So you can prove to be in a better position at any day in your professional life if you work hard and improve your performance as you grow. 

Benefits and limitations 

Lets talk about the pros and cons of pursuing 2 degrees at the same time- 


  • Pursuing dual degrees makes you stand out of the crowd and prominent as most of the students in India do not believe/ or are not motivated enough for doing so.
  • If done with proper guidance and knowledge, it can prove to be really beneficial in terms of skill acquirement, educational value, job opportunities and salary packages.


  • Many students pursue double degrees just for the fact that they wish to get better opportunities in the future and add up to their value but they fail to gain the knowledge and skills that are the main crucks of learning. What matters is the knowledge you gain and not just 2 degrees in your hands. 
  • Similarly, a lot of students take up any 2 irrelevant degrees just for the sake of having 2 degrees which proves to be useless when they try to imply it in the professional world. 


Should you be pursuing dual degrees or no?

It is totally a choice that you need to make for yourself. If you think that having an extra degree will in any way add up to the skills and knowledge that you need to learn then you should go for it without a doubt! If you have multiple interests and you want to complete gaining all knowledge about them in a particular time frame, then also you can go for it. 

So if you pursue 2 relevant degrees from well-known institutes then it will definitely provide you with better opportunities in whatever you wish to do with it further because you will be doing something which is not common in all the students. Just remember that if you do it just for the sake of getting 2 degrees in your hands, then it is of no use. For example, if you pursue a B.COM degree in a regular college and you also pursue a BA degree from distant learning mode then it only makes sense if you do it out of interest or else it is useless. 

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