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TNPDS Full Guide

The distribution of Smart Ration cards along with its registration process in Tamil Nadu has become digitalized by an initiative held out by the government. The Tamil Nadu public distribution system is an official portal responsible for the overall maintenance of the residents of Tamil Nadu. From providing all the details to the provision of services like consumer protection and food security etc., the TNPDS portal is in force. The residents of Tamil Nadu will now be relieved from visiting authorities again and again for getting their ration cards made as the process is now based online. Along with the application and registration of ration cards online, The government has come forward with the introduction of new smart ration cards.

There are various types of ration cards made available by the government of Tamil Nadu, to know all about the process of application and other necessary details read the article below carefully.

TNPDS Portal

How to apply for TNPDS Smart Ration Card?

The application process of the Smart Ration card can take place online as well as offline. Both the modes of registration, online and offline are mentioned below-

Smart Ration Card online Application Process.

If you wish to apply online for the Smart Ration Card, follow the below mentioned steps –

  • Visit the official Portal of TNPDS here.
  • You will then be redirected to the application form where you have to fill in the necessary details asked like your name, your mobile number, email address, house address, etc. Then you will have to proceed with uploading your photograph and some important documents like age proof, for verification.
  • Make sure to re-check the details filled by you before submitting the form.
  • After submitting the form, you will receive a text message on your registered mobile number consisting of your application number. The application number will be used to track the status of your ration card.
Also check out the West Bengal Public Distribution System portal  for latest updates on Ration card applications and status.

Smart Ration Card offline application Process

  • Visit the nearest government associated Ration shop in your area.
  • Ask for the application form from the shop or download it from here and get it printed out.
  • Fill in the details asked for in the form and submit the form along with the documents required for verification to the concerned authority office near your area.
  • After your documents are verified by the officials, you will receive your application number. you need to save the number provided to you for being able to track your application status either online or offline.

Types of Digital Ration Cards issued on the TNPDS

The Tamil Nadu government provides 4 variants of the Smart Ration Cards online on the TNPDS Portal. the residents of the state can apply for any of the 4 cards pertaining to their needs-

Light green card for issuing essential commodities from the fair price shops including rice.
No commodity card for those who are not eligible to receive any commodities from the fair price shops
khaki cardsissued to the inspector level police personnel
white cardsissued for the provision of 3kg extra sugar

Convert your Smart Ration Card

You can also convert your card, if you do not need the public distribution commodities you can change your card to the NO COMMODITY CARD if you wish to by following the steps given below-

  • Visit the official website of TNPDS mentioned above
  • on the homepage itself, you will see a green-colored column saying “Convert Your Card”, click on the link given in it.
  • you will then be required to fill in your basic details like name, mobile number, and login credentials to proceed.
  • you will then be redirected to the conversion form wherein fill in the details asked with the reason to change your card type and submit after re-checking all the details.
  • you will receive your change request-id on your registered mobile number so that you can track the status of your application.

Documents required for application of Digital Ration Card

Documents required for applying to get your ration card are mentioned below, make sure to keep all the documents handy when you are in the process of applying for a digital or any other ration card.


How to check Smart Ration Card Status?

To track the status of your Smart Ration Card application, follow the steps given below. you must have received an application number after completing the registration process, please keep it with you to check the status of your card-

  • Visit the official webpage of Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System.
  • You will then be redirected to the tracking page for your application, wherein you need to fill in your application number of the reference number and click on the record.
  • After successful submission of your application number, the status will appear on the screen.

Some Benefits of the Smart Ration Card

The new Smart Ration Card issued by TNPDS comes bearing the below benefits- .

  • The new card ensures more transparent, Visible and accountable transactions that take place in the provision of food security to the people who genuinely need it.
  • The new online process has facilitated simple and easy accessibility of the same, and also plays a role in limiting the time consumed.
  • This process eliminates fraudulent practices against the people and the residents of Tamil Nadu who genuinely are in need can apply for the Ration Cards online without any hassle on the official portal of TNPDS.

How to register a complaint on the Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System Portal?

In case of any grievances or queries, follow the steps given below to contact the TNPDS officials.

  • Visit the official webpage of TNPDS here.
  • On the homepage itself, you will get an option to register a complaint.
  • You will be redirected to a new page with the complaint form wherein you need to fill in some details asked – mobile number, email address, name and the issue faced. submit the form after completing it.


The web portal has now enabled an online chat box to solve your queries and complaints, which will be available from 8 AM to 8 PM on working days, to avail the live chat service on the portal follow the steps below-

  • Visit the official webpage of TNPDS mentioned above
  • on the bottom right corner of the browser screen, you will see a bar saying “online chat”, click on it.
  • you will be redirected to a page wherein you need to fill your basic details like name, mobile number, smart card number and Email-id.
  • submit the details by clicking on NEXT and the live chat will be enabled for you.

Some other services which are available on the Official Portal.

  • Their is a feature to add or remove family members in the ration card on the right side of the homepage of TNPDS portal.
  • If you want to make any changes in terms of head of the family or address of your residence, you can do so online on the official portal.
  • Cardholders can cancel or surrender their ration cards or they can also change their old cards into the new smart ration card and sugar card to Rice cards.

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